Foodie Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

With the weather being very cold, windy and rainy lately on the west coast, Douglas and I have been getting our steps in on weekends by exploring shops and stores under cozy roof-tops. And in between our stops, we have been wandering around seeing more advent calendar ideas, especially with snacks and other foodie goodness. Here are some advent calendar gift ideas for foodies on … Continue reading Foodie Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Throwback to Tea time at @Neverlandtea

I hope you had a wonderful long Victoria Day weekend! Did you know that the two busiest weekends for the BC Ferries in a calendar year are¬†usually May’s Victoria Day long weekend and September’s Labour Day long weekend? Perhaps it’s because most people like to travel back and forth from Vancouver Island to the Mainland during warm weather, eh? This long weekend, Douglas and I … Continue reading Throwback to Tea time at @Neverlandtea

TWG Tea Launches Always Sakura Tea Tasting

Looking to give a different afternoon tea experience? Along with celebrating the blossoming of all the Spring flowers, TWG Tea launched a new Sakura-themed tea and dining experience. Originally written for Vancouverscape on March 16, 2017 This year, TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, pays a joyous tribute to the season of hope with the introduction of the Spring 2017 Haute … Continue reading TWG Tea Launches Always Sakura Tea Tasting

Thirst-quenching ideas at #GSFShow17

Looking to bring something new and refreshing to your next BYOD (Bring your own Drink) gathering? Here are the latest thirst-quenching ideas to keep an eye out for at your nearest grocery and specialty food store as we previewed at this year’s #GSFShow17. Dairyland is celebrating their 100th Anniversary with simplified, limited edition packaging for select milk products. I’d love to bring along a couple … Continue reading Thirst-quenching ideas at #GSFShow17