Housewarming Gift Ideas at @CB2tweets

During our lunch, Douglas and I took a spring-time stroll and decided to pop into CB2 on Robson Street. We both realized that though we spend a lot of time in Downtown Vancouver, we both never been inside of CB2 before. Bring a gift of bling and spring to the next housewarming party you attend with these stylish ideas that caught our eye. Cocktail & … Continue reading Housewarming Gift Ideas at @CB2tweets

My first “Welcome to the Neighbourhood Gift”

Being the first new blog post of my new blog, I’d thought I’d start with something close to home. A gift-giving idea based on my neighbours. I’ve been a condo owner for almost 5 years now (pat on the back). There are many pros and cons of choosing a strata that doesn’t allow rentals and pets. Biggest pro was of course the peace and quiet … Continue reading My first “Welcome to the Neighbourhood Gift”