Foodie Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

With the weather being very cold, windy and rainy lately on the west coast, Douglas and I have been getting our steps in on weekends by exploring shops and stores under cozy roof-tops. And in between our stops, we have been wandering around seeing more advent calendar ideas, especially with snacks and other foodie goodness. Here are some advent calendar gift ideas for foodies on … Continue reading Foodie Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Upcycling @PurdysChocolate Truffle boxes into Cuff link Gift Boxes

To source gifts with symbols with that have significant meaning to the recipient can be challenging when we are constrained with the amount of time we have and budget. Ordering online can be be good for our pockets, but the impact in gift giving may be small without the right presentation to go along with it. While I was picking up packaged glassware in preparation … Continue reading Upcycling @PurdysChocolate Truffle boxes into Cuff link Gift Boxes

Sweet Treats at #GSFShow17

Whenever my friend Kemuel comes back from traveling abroad, he always brings candy or a sweet treat as a souvenir to share with friends. For other Canadian sweet finds to surprise your friends, here are ideas that caught our eye while at #GSFShow17. Annie’s I strongly associate Annie’s with their boxes of their organic “Mac and Cheese” or cheesy pasta. I was surprised to find that … Continue reading Sweet Treats at #GSFShow17