Easy Tee Shirt Halloween Group Costume Ideas from @Etsy

What do you usually do for Halloween at the office? For most of us, we like to share candy and other treats throughout the days during the week of Halloween and have a fun potluck gathering.

To get into the spirit, we may go into work in costume. To take it up a notch, to coordinate a way for our teams to dress up together. In order to be easy to participate, we tend to looks for ideas that are low in effort, easy to purchase or assemble.

Here are easy tee shirt-based ideas on Etsy to consider for your next group Halloween or costume outing:

A Box of crayons

Via DGAvisuals on Etsy

A bowl of M&Ms

Via on ScootersBasement on Etsy

Pacman & Ghosts

Via NerdfuelChattanoogaTshirt on Etsy

Set of Playing Cards

Via ZeusShopStore on Etsy

Royal Flush

Via TwinTeesandMore via Etsy

Set of Emojis

Via SassyDecals on Etsy

Set of Scrabble Tiles

Via LEAPprints on Etsy

Sesame Street Characters

Via Itsallaboutohana on Etsy

Bag of Skittles

Via ScootersBasement on Etsy

Seven Dwarfs

Via LilyBethBoutiques on Etsy

Have a Happy Halloween!

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