Five Gift Ideas for your Bridal Party

It’s wedding season! Here are five unique gift ideas to give away as thank you gifts for your wedding or bridal party. All ideas can be easily be part of your carry-on luggage for your destination or out-of-town wedding and under $50 each.

Disposable Cameras

Remember that Friends episode where Chandler couldn’t find the tabletop disposable cameras from his wedding?

Like Monica, if you don’t want to wait a few weeks for physical professional prints, you can opt to book a photo booth, or hand out a few disposable cameras. Though the majority of us have good cameras within our smartphones, it usually takes a lot of effort to ask your guests to send over their photos from their phones if they’re not tech-savvy.

There are different styles and themed disposable cameras available for order online at starting around $7 each.

Hidden Flasks by Smuggle Your Booze 

As an upgrade to a traditional flask, why not gift a leak-proof and concealed liquor holder? There are of other concealed-containers like lotion, tampons, sunscreens, hairbrushes, and umbrellas.

$ – $$
Bachelorette Shot Glass Ring at Things Engraved

I dare you and your bridesmaids to put these rings on and dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

These shot glass rings can be bought as is, or customized with names or dates on the back of the glass at

Minimergency Bridesmaid Kit

Whatever the situation, this wedding day survival kit features travel-friendly essentials packaged in a signature Pinch-perfect pouch in classy champagne glitter.

Currently the bridesmaid-focused kits are sold out at Sephora. If you’re open to other themed kits, search for other Minimergency Kits online or check out a local Indigo Store to see if there are any kits left in stock.

Hangover Kit

Here’s a cute and practical gift after all the days and nights of wedding celebrations for your bridal party and guests.

Pre-assembled hangover kits can be found online, like this one designed by Sweet Talk Designs, featuring little things like floss, antacids, pads, bandages, mints. Or you can go the DIY route, with ideas from There are different ways with pre-printed bags or boxes and customization of items to soothe whatever the ails may be.

Happy Gifting & Happy Wedding! (And please celebrate responsibly.)

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