Upcycling @PurdysChocolate Truffle boxes into Cuff link Gift Boxes

To source gifts with symbols with that have significant meaning to the recipient can be challenging when we are constrained with the amount of time we have and budget. Ordering online can be be good for our pockets, but the impact in gift giving may be small without the right presentation to go along with it.

While I was picking up packaged glassware in preparation for an upcoming design class at Metrotown, I wanted an ice cream treat for all my work-prep efforts. I kept passing by Purdy’s long line up for their dipped ice cream bars in between browsing at stores. Finally on my last leg of shopping energy, I zipped straight to the queue when there were only three people waiting.


After enjoying my ice cream bar, I pondered around Purdy’s to see if they had their gourmet Passion Fruit Ganache Chocolate or Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels available by piece. You can choose to package chocolates by a bag or choose to pay a little extra for a nicely-sized box. Beyond the glass case of truffles and chocolates, I spied the mini favour-sized boxes available, which holds two chocolates.

From a past field-trip to a packaging manufacturer, I learned that the majority of Purdy’s Chocolate boxes are constructed as high-end rigid boxes. With that memory, I realized the box can be upcycled to hold a small gift like cuff-links.

How to turn a Mini-chocolate box into a Jewelry Gift Box

purdys-box-cufflinks-6417Level: Easy


  • Chocolate Box
  • Clean Sponge*
  • Scrapbook Sticker or Embellishment**
  • Cutting Knife
  • Cuff links or Jewelry

* Use sponges that don’t require added water to enlarge. With my sponges, after a few days of drying, they shrank, thus didn’t fit nicely inside the box. Make sure you use pre-sized sponges that won’t shrink

** If you use glue, you may add bubbles to the paper during the drying process, so double-sided tape is recommended.



  1. Measure the height and width of your box.
  2. Cut out the sponge with same height and width dimensions of your box with your cutting knife.
  3. Check the fit by placing the newly cut sponge in the box. Adjust the sizing accordingly by trimming the sponge and rechecking the fit.


  1. To your preference, cut two slits in your sponge to be holders for your cuff links or pieces of jewelry. Insert your cuff links to test fit and adjust the size of your slits and holes accordingly.


5) On the top part of the box, place your embellishment or sticker to cover the logo. Cover the bottom part of the box with your top part and your’re done.


Easy as enjoying the chocolates from Purdy’s.

Canada 150 Chocolate Favours Purdys Chocolatier

For the person who loves golden colours, there is also this box to choose from. For a limited time to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, there are also commemorative favour boxes in gold available.

Happy Gifting!

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