Beeswax Beauty at Rocky Mountain Soap

Instead of sugar, I like to add honey to sweeten my coffees and other edibles. Besides edibles, I like to incorporate as much honey or beeswax in my bodycare routine.

Beeswax is known to have many naturally positive qualities, thus it is very versatile for aromatic, therapeutic and dermatological applications.

It naturally soothes and protects dry and sore skin by creating a moisture barrier, drawing moisture to skin and then sealing it in.

Here are some of my favourite portable, on-the-go Rocky Mountain Soap products that include Canadian-sourced beeswax.

I’m one of those people where you will find their lip products all over the place, like in my car, in my purse, and on my desk. To give a taste of the variety of flavours that Rocky Mountain has a gift set of four featuring Green Apple, Peppermint, Lemon Lime and Vanilla Coconut.

The men in my life seem to notoriously have itchy and dry feet. I like to gift these foot butters as they are really handy with their easy-to-glide on packaging.
I try to not drink coffee after 3pm, as it can disrupt my sleep routine. As an alternative, I like to grab a cup of tea and also spread Revive on my temples. The blend features uplifting tones of Basil, Lime, Coriander and Rosemary.
For calming relief for acne spots and cold sores, the Breakout Buster is great to have on hand. Its ingredients include soothing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
In the office, sometimes my hands and cuticles can feel dry from being inside so much. I like putting on cuticle butter on my nails to keep them moisturized.

Rocky Mountain Soap sources their beeswax from a family-run business in Northern Alberta.  Learn more about the beeswax and the bee farmers that Rocky Mountain Soap source on their blog.

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