Food Highlights at BMO Vancouver Marathon Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo

After sweating it up after previewing various VR Demo Games at Consumer VR at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Douglas and I wandered through the BMO Vancouver Marathon Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo.

Here are foodie related goods that caught our eye during our stroll through the Expo.

Cocos Pure

We sampled different flavours of Coconut Water from  pure, mango and pineapple. Douglas likes to stick to the plain pure version of coconut water, where I leaned toward the pineapple flavoured one.

Xact Nutrition

We sampled maple, grape, orange, strawberry and apricot-flavoured FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 energy bars. I hope to see these in major grocery stores, as they’re currently only available at the Vancouver Running Room locally.

Based on the packaging, I believe these nutritional items are popular in Quebec as much of the labeling starts with French. Plus with these BRIX Refuel package, they’re made with 100% Maple Syrup from Quebec.


Hungry Buddha

We liked the Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips so much, we picked up a couple of bags of Smokin’ Sriracha.

Jusu Bar

Ahead of us, many were trying and buying cold-pressed organic juices by Jusu Bar. I was surprised how much I liked their chocolaty “Must Be Nuts”. This blend contains almonds, dates, cacao, vanilla and sea salt.

Trace Water

To round off our wander-through, we had shots of Trace Water, which is water that looks black based on being infused with many Earth minerals. There was a slight earthy feel to the aftertaste, but overall tastes like very balanced water.


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