Favourite quotes from The Payoff Principle

While teaching marketing and advertising fundamentals to my design students yesterday, we went over the popular reference of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. From the start of that discussion lead us to talk about challenges we face in our lives, based on where we feel satisfied in and what we are striving for next. For your friends or colleagues feeling down about where they are in life, career or business, pick up a copy of The Payoff Principle to give to them. On my bookshelf, there are many books that come and go, and this book is a great one to refer to when feeling lost in the journey of life.

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Where do you hope to go with your life, your career, and your relationships? How will you muster the energy to keep on keeping on, in the good times and the bad? What skills do you have to learn–and then use–to make sure you get the payoffs you really want in your professional life and your personal life?

The problem with so many positive-thinking books and self-help routines is that they don’t give you the whole formula. The Payoff Principle gives you that formula– Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff

This book was an easy-read with a lot of lively stories and great suggestions on moving forward. My favourite story was about a particular artist and how he came to be. Here are my other favourite inspirational sections from the book, The Payoff Principle.

Defining ChampionsPayoffPrincipleQuotes-champion
There are three definitions of what a…

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