Visiting @YellowDogBeer in Port Moody

Being Holiday Monday, Douglas and I decided to visit our friends in Port Moody to go craft-beer-hopping. For the first location, we went to the Tasting Room at Yellow Dog Brewery on Murray Street by Rocky Point Park.


Our party mostly ordered glasses and pints of Pilsner, where I ordered a flight of different Yellow Dog Beers.

The flight-holder is in a shape of a black dog bone

Cans of Yellow Dog Beer

At the tasting room, you can find the full range of Yellow Dog Beer available in cans, as you may not find some rare brews in local liquor stores.

Gift Shop

Yellowdog has a lot of wearables like ball caps, hoodies and tee-shirts you can pick up as gifts for your local craft beer fan. Our friend Juergen almost picked up a 64 oz tumbler that can keep liquid cold for up to 12 hours.

Please enjoy, and gift responsibly.

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