U-Pick Tulips at @AbbyTulipFest

On our way back home from visiting family in the Valley, I recalled that Abbotsford had an annual tulip festival that we have never been before. With a quick adjustment in our Google Maps App, Douglas and I made an impromptu visit to see the fields.

As it’s been a very long winter and cold start to a spring, there were small amounts of tulips that were in full bloom. Generally tickets range from $8 – $15, depending if it’s a weekday or weekend visit. Because of the late start season, we were let in for a complimentary preview of several early-blooming tulips.

Wandering Around
With a few in bloom, it was a great opportunity to take some macro shots.

Visiting Tip: Make sure you pack mud and field friendly boots. As it was an unplanned visit, I was luckily prepared with gumboots but Douglas kept getting stuck with his dress shoes. Shoe covers and ponchos are available for purchase, but it’s best to bring your own trusty supplies.

There are a lot of fun cutout boards for funny pictures. Learn about their photo contest where you can enter to win a prize either in the Kids, Those in Love, Pets, Scenery or Portrait Categories through Instagram #bloomsbest2017 submissions.

Tulip Buying Options
When walking through the fields, you can choose your own bunch at a dollar a stem if you like variety of colour.

Tulips in Abbotsford
Tulips in Abbotsford by the stem

At the time of our visit, we saw a some tulips breeds that would be great for gifts based on their name and theme. To celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, we saw in the fields where these exclusive Canada 150 tulip bulbs were planted (aka – the Maple Leaf tulip).

For your friend who always wishes for “World Peace”, you can surprise them with a bundle of this tulip type featuring the colours of blush pink petals fading to a yellow edge.

Similar colouring effect like the “World Peace” Tulip with gold and red

If you’re looking to shower your loved one with surprise flowers in their garden, pick up a large trays of daffodils or tulips, which are available for $20 each.

Or to add more variety with freshly cut bunches, you can choose to buy a 10-stem bunch for $5 or 5 bunches for $20. With proper care (cutting the stems slightly, replacing the water every 2 days, etc.), these tulips can last for a couple weeks.

The festival runs until May 7th, 2017. Tickets can be easily booked online, or be purchased in person depending on the time and day of attendance.

Happy Spring!

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