On-the-go Adult Colouring with Inkspirations

While visiting family in the Valley this weekend, it was a rare occasion for me to be unprepared. Both Douglas and I realized it’s been awhile since we both unplugged and forgot that reception for cell service and data is nil over in the mountainous parts of Mission. Here are gift suggestions for the creative traveler or road warrior that likes to unplug during their commute:

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I wish I brought my portable Inkspirations while attempting the morning commute to Downtown Vancouver during this snowy Monday. Inspired by today’s “fun” commute, here are ideas to keep yourself occupied and calm for your next commute or road-trip during this busy holiday season.

Inkspirations Create While You Wait: Coloring on the Go

Compact like a book of photo prints, this book is full of inspirational quotes and beautiful illustrations to colour in while you’re on-the-go or waiting.

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers

Keeping it lightweight and portable, Winsor & Newton has these markers where you can choose to colour in the fine or thicker lines. Then you can go over coloured in areas afterwards with a paintbrush and water to create a watercolour effect.

Inkspirations Color Me Postcards

Wanting to send a thank-you or another kind of handcrafted note?

SendingYouLove-yumiang-inkspirationThis latest edition has 32 inspirational postcards to colour in.

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