Foodie Finds in Paris

From my archives, here are photos of foodie-finds on my trip to Paris, France in April 2015.

My friend Eloise has been to Paris many times. Prior to becoming an award-winning hair stylist at Suki’s on Granville, in her younger years she was considering the career path of a pastry chef.

Wanting to explore Paris with an experienced traveler, Eloise joined myself and my team for our week long visit to Paris and other tourist destinations in France.

Here are some of our foodie highlights with ideas of treats you can (or try to) bring back home after your visit:

Ladurée Macarons

I remember when I first visited one of the Ladurée locations in Paris, I was amazed at all the Ladurée-branded merchandise they featured in their boutique. Though the most iconic, there is another brand in their family that I am a bigger fanatic about.

Les Marquis de Ladurée

Wafts of chocolate hit our noses when we entered the luxurious Les Marquis de Ladurée chocolate boutique. Kemuel bought a box of chocolates to bring back as souvenirs to share. My favourite was when Auntie Ivy bought a couple of their chocolate croissants. I loved how fresh and flakey their croissant was surrounding their melting chocolate.

Pierre Hermé

Looking for a special croissant, Eloise brought us to Pierre Hermé. I was amazed how delicious their rose-raspberry croissant was.


Being in the Madeleine district and wanting to rest our feet from walking all day, we checked out FAUCHON Paris. Eloise and I opted to share the mille-feuille, which is known as their thousand-leaf pastry.

I recognized FAUCHON from walking by one in the Paris airport and all the boxed treats that were available at Winner’s stores at home. It felt like a further upscale version of Urban Fare and Holt Renfrew with all their luxury fine food goods.

Le Soufflé à Paris

Soufflés are challenging to make, and we wanted to try a place that specializes in them. We ordered both savory and sweet soufflés to share. I liked how they leave a bottle of Grand Marnier with one of the dishes so you can choose to pour as much as you like.


There are many areas to buy freshly made crepes in Paris. Our favourite place was found on a street full of many crêperies on Rue du Montparnasse – La Crêperie Bretonne.

Catering at Chambord Castle
2015-ParisFood-chambordCastle eating

Over 300 of us gathered to visit Château de Chambord in Chambord, France. Our travel company organized a 3-course meal paired with local wines.

Rooftop Cafe at Printemps

Another place to take a break, and to see the roof-tops in Paris is the Rooftop Cafe at Printemps. Though the beverages and bites are fairly overpriced, the views are worth it.

Home-cooked Quality at Foyer De La Madeleine

To take a break from all the opulence all week, we went to the undergrounds of Foyer De La Madeleine to try out simple, home-cooked lunches that many locals go to. All the servers are volunteers, with all the funds raised are to support the soup-kitchen for the homeless and needy.

Happy Travels!

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