Coffee Accessories at @revolver_coffee

Digging through my photo archives, I came across photos I took from visiting Revolver Coffee in Gastown while catching up with Roland.

Revolver is one of my favourite places in Vancouver for a high-quality coffee experience. It’s a very popular and packed place. When I can, I like to pop in for a coffee tasting flight trying out their latest.

On one side of the establishment is a coffee bar with seating. When you walk past the partition, you will find more seating and these coffee accessories for those who love to make great coffee at home.



When I can, I grind freshly roasted coffee beans and use a Kone to make my coffee. For those looking to take coffee brewing the next level, there are siphons or vacpots as functional eye candy.

For the travelers that function on good coffee, there is also the mini grinder to add to their travels.
RevolverCoffeeVancouver--3And to reduce the amount of paper-cup usage, and to show your Revolver coffee love, there are also glass coffee cups to pickup to gift.

Happy Gifting!

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