Sweet Treats at #GSFShow17

Whenever my friend Kemuel comes back from traveling abroad, he always brings candy or a sweet treat as a souvenir to share with friends. For other Canadian sweet finds to surprise your friends, here are ideas that caught our eye while at #GSFShow17.

I strongly associate Annie’s with their boxes of their organic “Mac and Cheese” or cheesy pasta. I was surprised to find that they also offer other treats like their new organic, fruit flavoured snacks. For your organic-conscious mommy friends, you can bring these on the next play date when you visit their house.

Jelly Belly
gsfshow17-155206039 jellybelleys
While on Vancouver Island visiting our nephews, this game was a sure-fire way to give their mom a little “me-time” while we played rounds and rounds of Bean Boozled Jelly Beans. Basically how the game is played is that everyone has to try the same coloured jelly bean. Though the colours are the same, they may be in two different delicious or disgusting flavours like coconut or sour milk.

For the Harry Potter fans, there are also boxes of Harry Potter-themed Bean Boozled Jelly Beans available. The kids really hated the pepper-flaboured, where I thought it was a wonderful bite of savoriness.


For the adults that need a pick-me-up or need to get through studying for their exams, Jelly Belly also has Extreme Sport Beans in an assortment of flavours.

Mentos – Caramel & Chocolate

There’s a twist on the classic minty mento with Mentos Chocolate Caramels. In the orange packaging, it’s a chewy caramel with a liquid chocolate centre. In the green packaging, there’s a zip of minty chocolate.

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream
gsfshow17-144709071 haagan daaz spirits

If you’re looking for a mix of alcohol with your ice cream, Häagen-Dazs offers pints of Spirit-infused desserts with Whisky, Vodka, Rum or Irish Cream.

gsfshow17--21-haagandaazAs much as I love ice cream, I can’t seem to finish a pint on my own. Usually I go through half a pint and forget it in the freezer, then I tend to find it a month later with lots of ice freezing it over. For snack-sized portions, there will also be mini portions available in freezers as 3-packs.

Nestle Chocolate
gsfshow17-144635101aer9oFor those who are a fan of white chocolate, there are now White Chocolate Areo Bars.
gsfshow17-144632399kitkatOne day I want to go to Japan to sample as many of the 200 flavours of Kit Kat available. In Canada, there has been an expansion of Kit Kat offerings from the original milk chocolate 4-finger bar. I’ve personally tried dark chocolate, orange chocolate, mint chocolate, cookies and cream, white and milk, and chunky-sized. The next new flavour hitting the store shelves will be the Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough.

Blue Diamond Almonds – Blueberry
For a berry-twist on almonds, pick up blueberry flavoured, oven-roasted almonds by Blue Diamond. We learned that this flavour has been popular to add to salads.

Christie Oreosgsfshow17-154612261 oreo
Next time I’m back in the US with a checked-in bag, I will likely try to find as many of the limited-edition flavours of Oreos to bring back to Canada. In the meanwhile, the new flavours on Canadian shelves will include Cinnamon Bun, Vanilla-thins and Fireworks. In the Fireworks Oreos, expect to have a bubbly sensation from the pop rocks lightly bursting on your tongue.

Happy Gifting with new food ideas from your local grocery shelves.

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