Housewarming Gift Ideas at @CB2tweets

During our lunch, Douglas and I took a spring-time stroll and decided to pop into CB2 on Robson Street. We both realized that though we spend a lot of time in Downtown Vancouver, we both never been inside of CB2 before.

Bring a gift of bling and spring to the next housewarming party you attend with these stylish ideas that caught our eye.

Cocktail & Drink Accessories
As we wandered around the showroom, Douglas was happy to find another place to buy single champagne flutes for a future celebration.

We found many different table trays and cocktail accessories like glass unicorn and metal horseshoe wine stoppers, and a dog-shaped corkscrew.

Botanical Plants

If you’re looking to give a piece of nature that lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers, why not give a fashionable botanical to spruce up their apartment? There are faux ones that need no maintenance, except for a dusting once in awhile, or there are also live, low-maintenance options to choose from.

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