Cocktail Accessories at @LT_Distillery

While Douglas and I were wandering along Granville Street on a Saturday night, we wanted to try out a new place for cocktails away from the Entertainment District. With a quick Google Maps search, we found that the Long Table Gin Distillery (@LT_Distillery) was a short walk away.

Downtown Vancouver has many places that offer craft beers, but not as many places with small-batch spirits. While we sampled the flights of their gin and spirit offerings, we also pondered upon the many cocktail accessories available at the distillery.

For your cocktail-lover and drink-aficionados, here are neat gift ideas that caught our eye.

There are many different bottles of tonic syrups and bitters to choose from.


For those inspired by Thor and other demi-gods, you can gift a large wooden mallet to hand crush ice.
With Modern Mixers and Elixirs there are bottles of shrubs, which are also known as drinking vinegars.
To add more to their cocktail toolbox, there are accessories like bar spoons, ice scoops, jiggers, tongs, and strainers.


To add a twist to their glassware collection, there are also tipsy tumblers. Or there are also a variety of small-batch, handcrafted gins to choose from.

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