Thirst-quenching ideas at #GSFShow17

Looking to bring something new and refreshing to your next BYOD (Bring your own Drink) gathering? Here are the latest thirst-quenching ideas to keep an eye out for at your nearest grocery and specialty food store as we previewed at this year’s #GSFShow17.

Dairyland is celebrating their 100th Anniversary with simplified, limited edition packaging for select milk products. I’d love to bring along a couple of these to a gathering of friends who appreciate design history.

Single-Serve Coffee
Keurig: At the show, Keurig showcased their popular coffee pod brands along with the latest Keurig machine. For friends who love freshly brewed individual coffee, and is concisous about recycling, keep an eye out for pods that use recyclable plastic.

For those who don’t want to run out of their coffee pods, there is a Keurig K-Cup Pods Auto-delivery Service available. The frequency of the refill service can be customized from every 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

ethical bean coffee:  For your friends that want to reduce the use of plastic, ethical bean coffee offers compostable, single serve pods. In their organic and fair trade line, they have roasts from classic (medium), lush (medium dark) to super dark (very bold).


Nescafé: I love learning about the different coffee habits from many international colleagues. Growing up in North America, I was used to my large cup of coffee with cream and sugar before Starbucks introduced lattes and americanos to my coffee knowledge. With my on-the-go Asian friends, I learned about how much they incorporate instant coffee into their daily routine. With instant coffees designed as being compact, easy-to-make and ready-to-go, Nescafé grew their offerings from regular black coffee to Sweet and Creamy flavours of Original, French Vanilla and Mocha.


Bottled Tim Hortons Iced Capps: For those looking to skip those long times at Tim Hortons in the summer time for Iced Capps, they are now offering bottled versions. There are three flavours we checked out: Original, Mocha, and Vanilla. They’re very sweet bottled coffees on the go. For an icy treat, throw these in the freezer before you bring a few along in your cooler for a picnic or outing.


Citrus-Tea Lovers: For those who want more citrus in their teas with less of the black tea taste, Aurora offers two refreshing options in Blood Orange and Sicilian Lemons. Aurora is based out of Ottawa and is known to import many fine Italian food products.

Sweeter Ideas

Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale: For a berry-twist on ginger ale, there’s the new Blackberry Ginger Ale by Canada Dry. I think with my taste-buds maturing, I found the new offering really sweet. If you choose to bring this, consider also bringing some tonic or club soda to keep the fizz going and to lighten the sugary taste.

Mio & Kool-aid: Like me, if you’re looking to add more flavour than sugar to your water, there are continuously many water enhancers to choose from. At the show, we found Kool-aid ones in addition to other light flavours.


Bucha Brew: With the popularity growing for kombucha due to its many health benefits, you can also choose to bring batches made in Vancouver with Bucha Brew. The new flavours include Ginger, Mint & Algae and Blueberry.

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