Gift Ideas when Traveling Overseas at #GSFShow17

We were invited to check out the latest innovations hitting the grocery stores shelves in Western Canada at Grocery & Specialty Food West.

When thinking about gifts to bring from Canada when traveling abroad, most of time we would bring treats that are maple-syrup themed. Here are alternative and innovative specialty food ideas to bring home as gifts when traveling overseas.


Wendell Estate Honey: The last time my mom went back to Korea to visit relatives, she brought bottles and bottles of honey in her check-in suitcase to give as thank-you gifts for their hospitality.

Wendell Estate is well known for their luxurious, artisan honey made in Canada. Opposite from mass produced honey, the pure white hue of Wendell Estate’s honey represents its pureness, freshness and naturalness.


Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Pops: For kids or for the young-at-heart, Wedderspoon offers genuine Manuka Honey in easy-to-enjoy lollipops. These can also double as a convenient way to sweeten your coffees and teas on-the-go without the sticky mess.

Freeze Dried Blueberries & Jams


R.J.T has a diverse selection of blueberry products and is located in the Fraser Valley. To bring over a piece of BC without weighing down your suitcase, there’s the idea of freeze-dried blueberries as gifts.



There is also a selection of jams that are comprised of blueberries, pure maple syrup and natural fruit pectin, for those looking for a different jam to gift.gsfshow17--3

Wild Smoked Salmon


To bring a piece of the wild side of the Pacific Northwest, there are gift packs and boxes of smoked salmon by Little Miss Chief, available at many Overwaitea Foods locations.

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