Gift Ideas from #HBGrandPortage

On my way to Granville Station, I decided to wander around the basement of Hudson’s Bay in Downtown.

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday this year. HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company), one of the oldest companies in North America (founded in 1670), released the new Grand Portage Collection to commemorate our nation’s birthday. It’s a 58-piece collection that features a series of souvenirs for men, women and children. Here are gift ideas that caught my eye during my wander:

For Brightening-Up: The gift that can bring “a light into their life? There are warm white string lights in the shape of maple leaves or bears.

For the Cook or Drinker: I love the bold, iconic pattern of the fabric used on the apron and pillows. For the beer-lovers, there are sets of O Canada beer glasses to add to their glassware collection. And for those who love to drink outdoors and want to make sure their brew is cold, there are foam, red Solo-like cup holders available.

For the Mobile Drinker: You may have friends, like me, who don’t exactly want to be running around with a bottle opener all the time, there are two sleek designs to give as alternative options. These O Canada key chains are styled as a red wolf or as a black bear that doubles as bottle openers. Pretty and practical, eh?

For the Adventurers: To commemorate an adventurous spirit, there are other O Canada gift ideas featuring their outdoor adventurer design. The gift ideas that caught my eye were the dark blue Adventurer onsie, the mini reusable bags, the large terrycloth blanket and the lined journal.

For the Lover of Stripes:  Both the keychain and the keepsake mini canoe paddles are limited edition items, with 100 percent of the net proceeds going toward funding the connection of The Great Trail. Also featuring the iconic stripes that caught my eye in this collection was the funky, foam canoe hat.

For Overseas: What couldn’t be more Canadian than our staple sweetener, Maple Syrup, to bring as gifts when you’re visiting family overseas.

Happy Gifting!
Celebrate with #HBGrandPortage.

Keep an eye on the hashtag, as their Grand Portage team will set off on June 22, 2017, traveling West to East from Victoria to Nova Scotia to celebrate.

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