Celebrate Collaboration with Brews Brothers Volume 3

Thinking of a different thank you gift to enjoy with your team or crew to celebrate the end of a tough week or just to have another excuse to have a few brews on St. Patrick’s Day? If they’re a big fan of large bottles of beer, pick up the latest set of collaborative brews led by Parallel 49.

After a long night of report-writing at work, I wanted to pick up a different box of craft beers from the BC Liquor store on my way home. Douglas was surprised to see me carrying this box of beer.

“How many beer bottles are in there? The box looks tall.”


Each bottle is sized at 650mL, featuring a collaborative brew from a West Coast craft beer company.


There’s Blazing Arrow, a tawny IPA made with Gigantic Brewing Company (Portland, OR), which I recognize from the Collabofest I have attended. With 49th State Brewing from Anchorage, AK, they have collaborated on a a Northern farmhouse style beer (aka – saison-style).


Douglas was a big fan of the What’s Golden, an “east meets west” IPA which is developed with Green Flash Brewing (San Diego, CA). And I was looping Sir Mix A Lot’s and Nicki Minaj’s tracks while sipping on Baby Got Back, a hoppy hefeweizen beer brewed with Scuttlebutt Brewing Company (Everett, WA).

Put 3 of these boxes together, and you’ve got yourself a cardboard boombox to join in on their latest contest with #ShowUsYourBrews.

Shake it (PC: Parallel 49)

Which ol’school beats will you be grooving to for this contest?

Please enjoy and gift responsibly!

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