K-Beauty Pop-Up Shop at Nordstrom

On my way back home, before I start my commute from Downtown back to Burnaby by skytrain, I like to walk through Nordstrom to window shop. I like walking by the entrance by the Nordstom Ebar and Sugarfina to see the latest pop-up store.

Seeing that the recent pop-up was KBeauty from February 10th to March 26th, I popped in to see if there was something I could pick up for my sister who’s obsessed with Korean Skincare.

There is a vast amount of offerings to choose from! The pop-up featured over 500 Korean beauty products, especially really hard to find essentials.

Some of my gift-hunting finds included:

A whimsical cows in the field makeup bag where you can insert a straw to take out the air to really seal in your compact kit
Too Cool for School liquid eyes hadow (Eye Shadow on Flat Iron) with cute black and white illustrative packaging
For your Instagram-friends obsessed with fresh faced selfies – the “i woke up like this” skincare line
PMS Soap and Premium Black Soap for your friends who like bar cleansers for their skin

This pop-up is one of the only seven retail locations in North America, with Vancouver and Toronto being the only locations.

Happy Gift-Shopping!

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