Finding Vetiver at Le Labo at Nordstrom

Fragrance gift shopping can be tricky if you don’t know if the recipient likes specific scents, likes to try different scents or is allergic to specific qualities of scents.

While getting product package design inspiration by looking in the men’s body care and fragrance section at Nordstrom, Carol exclaimed, “Hey! They have my dad’s favourite herb!” For moment, I thought that she was referring to musk, basil or bergamont. I walked over and found Carol holding a bottle of Le Labo’s Vetiver 46 .

Me: “That’s an herb?”

Carol: “Yes. My dad has been wearing colognes with this scent for at least 15 years. It’s been a challenge finding him a reasonably priced replacement down in Brazil. Plus everything imported into Brazil can be so expensive… maybe I can get this as a birthday gift for him.”

Upstairs in the men’s section, there was the selection of the bigger bottles of fragrance. I suggested to walk downstairs to the main beauty section to look at the whole line and variety of sizes available.

Travel Sized 7ml, 50 ml and 100 ml

When we met Mike at the Le Labo counter lab, he showed us what Vetiver looked like. (See left photo of the jar of herbs).

We smelled many scents from the Le Labo collection. Carol and I laughed as we both have opposite preferences for scents. My favourite one will always be Rose 31 as it was introduced to me when I stayed at a Fairmont Resort.


We learned that the Bergamote 22 was another fragrance that featured vetiver and citrus notes. I love the smell out of the bottle, but unfortunately it doesn’t blend into a nice scent with my skin.


For those who like travel sized scents, the travel-sized bottles come with a protective metal case where you can get initials engraved onto the bottle.

Ambrette 9

Mike’s favourite scent is Ambrette 9, as it’s known to be a precious baby formula based on the Ambrette grain. We learned that Le Labo is discontinuing the white-coloured formula on the left. Between the two Ambrette bottles, there were subtle differences in muskiness and ingredients used.

Mike also shared about how popular Le Labo scents were for those with allergies as they contain high quality natural ingredients. The majority of other brands contain a lot of synthetic ingredients in their fragrances, hence many having an allergic reaction to those manufactured components.


When a scent is ordered, the bottled fragrance would be freshly hand-blended. Carol filmed the process so she can show her dad when he receives the gift.

Carol writing out “For the Best Father in the World” in Portuguese

On both the bottle and package of select creations, one can personalize the gift with 23 characters. With Carol’s message, it just came to 21 characters.

Happy ______ by Le Labo

If you’re getting a Le Labo scent as a gift for someone, they also have a fun mad-lib-like card you can choose to give with your present. I can’t wait to hear about his reaction in six weeks, as Carol mentioned that shipping from Canada to Brazil can take awhile.

Carol wants to come back to pick up one of the massage and bath perfuming oils by Le Labo

Explore the collection online or visit the Le Labo lab at a Nordstom near you.

3 thoughts on “Finding Vetiver at Le Labo at Nordstrom

  1. I love the idea behind Le Labo and have really explored their offerings but unfortunately they just do not seem to cooperate with my chemistry. My most regretted fragrance purchase is a 100ml Fleur d’ Oranger 27 with my name printed on the label that sits quietly in the back of my wardrobe collecting dust 😦 I also LOVE Iris 39 sprayed on a card. I just wish it smelled that great on my skin lol.


  2. That seems like a theme with that house, very much like Thierry Mugler and even Guerlain: it loves you or it doesn’t. I can’t do Muglers ESPECIALLY Angel but thank heavens Guerlain works for me because it’s my favorite house by far. Le Labo seems to work out more for men than women I’ve noticed. But I do really like their no frills business model nevertheless. Great article! 🙂


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