Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

It’s been a long-lasting stubborn winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Over the weekend, we had another few dumps of slushy snow.

Douglas and I have two totally opposite feelings about the snow. Douglas was running around Downtown Burnaby hucking snowballs at cars gleefully. He misses his snow days from his childhood. I do reminisce about those fun snow days, however I feel snow should really stay in the mountains.

With the cold and dry weather comes the many opportunities for us to be downriden by bugs and cold viruses. From one weekend celebrating too much, it’s been a challenge to shake off the current symptoms of a bug I have.

To cheer up your cold-suffering or flu-ridden friends and family, perhaps go visit with these Get Well Soon gift ideas:

Saje’s Roll-ons

For your friends who love aromatherapy and beautiful scents, there are many ideas to be found at Saje. My friend Winnie swears by her Peppermint Halo Roll-on in her Pocket Farmacy kit for her migraines. Wanting to see what symptom-relieving natural options there were for blocked sinuses, I went to the store on Robson Street to check out other options.

Immune Roll-On (PC: Saje Wellness)

Depending on what your friends are suffering from, there’s Head Cold that would sooth symptoms like coughs, runny noses and head congestion. Head Cold has the key ingredients of pine, frankincense and tea tree oils. Another popular roll-on is also Immune, their germ and virus fighting remedy that has eucalyptus, cinnamon and tea tree oils.


Anytime we’re sick, we need to make sure we are hydrated. For those who want to switch it up between regular water and juice, how about gifting tea to soothe a cold?

On their blog, they listed their top cold-soothing teas including Super Ginger, Cold 911, Detox and Bravissimo.

DAVIDsTEA is known to have a wide-selection of loose leaf tea that can be purchased at your desired amount in-store, which you can package in their easy-to-reseal bags or in silver tins.

For those who don’t have their own tea-bags and other extra tea-brewing accessories, there are also mini boxes of tea sachets for Cold 911 and Detox.

Lotion or Soft Tissues


For your friends cursing a runny-nose, there’s nothing like the sentiment of soft tissues. I like picking up either Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues or Kleenex with Lotion. For an extra added touch, Puffs has tissues with the scent of Vicks Vapour Rub and Kleenex also has “Cool Touch” tissues.

Bone Broth Soup

PC: Bone Broth Bar at Home on the Range Organics

I miss the late nights of comforting broth-based soups made by my mom and dad. As an alternative to chicken noodle soup, there are also a lot of health benefits to for this cup or bowl of comfort.

If you’re in neighbourhood by Main and Broadway, cups of fresh broth can be picked up at Home on the Range Organics from 11am – 6pm.

Minty Eucalyptus Bath Bomb by Rocky Mountain Soap 


Another gift idea for clearing out sinuses, perhaps a bath bomb infused with eucalyptus oils? I like the simple and soothing bath bomb by Rocky Mountain Soap.

Humidifier or Diffuser


If your friend works a lot indoors at an office or lives in a new apartment or condo, check to see if they have a mini portable humidifier or diffuser. With the cold weather outside and the heat blasting indoors, it’s likely that your friends are feeling very dry, which doesn’t help for colds and flus.

Remember when you pick either a humidifier or diffuser up, a humidifier can get damaged if you add essential oils to it. For friends that love aromatherapy, pick up a diffuser that’s designed for oils.

Spread the gift of wellness, not the germs! Stay warm, and happy gifting.

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