Gift ideas at Big Rock Brewery

Douglas and I jumped on the Canada Line in attempt to find replacement parts for AV switches for his boardroom at Home Depot or Best Buy. After our failed attempt, we wanted to grab a snack before heading home for dinner. Since it was awhile since we were around the neighborhood beside Olympic Village Station, we went to Big Rock Brewery for a few brews.

Flight of Craft Beers at Big Rock Brewery

I laughed when Douglas thought Big Rock Brewery should have been named Big Cock Brewery because of their rooster symbol in their branding. Well, maybe that won’t go down well here in North America…

Framed photography by Brian K Smith

Along the walls of the establishment, patrons can see beautiful framed landscape photography by Brian K Smith available for purchase.

Next door, we pondered over the fun gifts and brewery accessories in the Growler / Tasting Room.

Brewery Tours at Big Rock Brewery

If your recipient loves experience-based gifts, you can include the idea of tours that include tasters. The reason why only four tasters are available is because the tastings are from the available four taps in the Tasting Room.

Enjoy (and give and receive) Responsibly!

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