My first “Welcome to the Neighbourhood Gift”

Being the first new blog post of my new blog, I’d thought I’d start with something close to home. A gift-giving idea based on my neighbours.

I’ve been a condo owner for almost 5 years now (pat on the back). There are many pros and cons of choosing a strata that doesn’t allow rentals and pets. Biggest pro was of course the peace and quiet I longed for after long days at work, thus living in a building full of long-time owners. Though the building is built in the 70’s, I like how the majority of it is comprised of concrete, which helps with keeping noise to the minimum.

In my first year, I realized I never really got to know my first condo next-door neighbour. I remember she was a quiet Asian lady that I rarely ever bumped into when I take the elevator.

In the second year, I realized we had a new owner at the condo next door. There were weekends where I heard the loud bass bumping through the walls in the middle of the night. Knocking a couple times doesn’t really help, as how can one hear someone at the door through the the bass.

One night I was so mad at 4am, my boyfriend at the time pounded on our neighbour’s door and asked what was all the ruckus about. “We’re hungry, we’re cooking spaghetti!”

Days went by. Security, other neighbours and I were not happy of our new young owner who didn’t familiarize themselves with strata rules. Over time, I just chose to accept that my neighbour likes to party and I would have to sleep on the couch to stay away from the loud bass.

PC: Trader Joe’s

Another challenge of living in your own 1 bedroom sized condo is storage. I like to  look through my storage to figure out what to donate or recycle at least every few months. On my shelf, tucked behind my books, I forgot I had stashed away a three bottle gift set of olive oils that I brought home from a trip to Trader Joe’s.

Chuckling at our neighbour’s decision to make pasta at 3am in the morning, I decided why not share? I grabbed a card and wrote:

“This is a belated welcome to our floor. Please text me at anytime you would like to start partying, and I will make sure I will put earplugs in before I sleep. I hope these olive oils will go well with your early morning pasta.”

I left the gift set and card outside their door.
Later that day, I received a text message:

“Thank you and I’m so sorry. Now that you have my number, please text me anytime we’re too noisy and we’ll keep it down.”

Four years later, we are still great neighbours keeping each other posted.

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