Handmade Flower Crown idea by pickOntario

Who else has been playing around with the Flower Crown filter on Snapchat or Egg?

To add a little spring in this almost-end-of-winter weather, why not pick up flowers and supplies to surprise your fashion-forward friends? Here is a quick 2 Minute tutorial on how to make one easily by pickOntario.

What you’ll need:

  • Ontario grown ivy
  • Florist wire
  • Scissors
  • Ontario grown bouquet, potted plants, flowers, bedding plants

Step 1: Have about 2 feet of Ontario grown ivy ready
Step 2: Level 1 inch of stem
Step 3: Wrap the wire around the top of the branch to secure it
Step 4: Wrap the wire around the flower stem several times
Step 5: Repeat wrapping with the remaining flowers
Step 6: Wrap in the same direction working down the branch and continue adding until you see the look you want
Step 7: Bring the ends together and wrap firmly
Step 8: Now, wear your crown like the queen you are!
Step 9: Snap some selfies, and share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #pickOntario

Happy DIY gifting!

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